PuppyLoft memberships are non-refundable and are especially recommended for daycare and boarding services.

     At the PuppyLoft we feel it important to establish a more firm relationship with you and your pup in order for all services to be safely and adequately delivered. Additionally, membership at the PuppyLoft definately has its benefits:

        1. Preferred discount (10%) on all services offered
              (includes boarding, grooming, day care & more!)
        2. Preferred status on all reservations
        3. Online access for reservations
        4. Year-round discount (10%) on all products sold -food being the sole exception
        5. Access to your pet via our webcams
        6. Receive a Loyalty Program card pre-loaded with 250 points

     In order to register as a member, you/your dog must:

         complete our membership form (click here for our enrollment application form)
         have written proof from your Veterinarian of your pup's Rabies, Bordatella and Distemper/Parvo vaccinations
         must pass a temperament assessment at our facility
         pay membership fee in full

     Our Membership Rates are:

Membership LevelRate
Initial$ 250
6 Month$  ----
Annual Renewal$ 125

     Prices do not include NYC service tax of 8.875%.

*Membership is not required to shop in our store or participate in any services we offer at the PuppyLoft.

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