Q: Is your day care supervised?
A: Puppy Loft is proud to say that our day care is always supervised by a human friend. Our staff is also trained & certified in animal CPR, First Aid & Rescue Breathing (and like anyone trained in this skill... we hope to never have to use it!).

Q: My dog isn't spayed or neutered. Can they still come for day care or boarding?
A: All dogs must be spayed or neutered- puppies are an exception until they have reached maturity.

Q: Does Puppy Loft accept aggressive dogs?
A: We cannot accept dogs who display overly aggressive behavior. We do offer training classes and can refer you to certified trainers who can help you with these issues.

Q: Will my dog be taken outside for relief walks?
A: Boarded dogs are taken on multiple relief walks and dogs here for full days of day care (over 5 hours) are taken on relief walks.

Q: How many dogs are walked at a time?
A: Dogs are walked either solo or with a friend. Puppy Loft does not do overcrowded walks on the streets of Manhattan!

Q: The last day care place I took my dog did not let them have water. Does Puppy Loft allow dogs to drink water?
A: Absolutely. Puppy Loft offers cycled, filtered water in both day care rooms. Our pups have a lot of fun playing and we NEVER want them to overheat or become dehydrated.

Q: I get nervous about leaving my dog overnight. How do I know they will be ok?
A: Puppy Loft never leaves a dog alone. Boarded dogs enjoy an overnight attendant who stays with the dogs and makes sure they are never lonely!

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